Unlike other companies...
We charge absolutely NO fees at all.

Unlike other companies...
We have NO qualifications and NO requirements.

Unlike other companies...
Our compensation plan is VERY SIMPLE.

Our compensation plan can be explained by anyone
and it can be understood in just a few minutes...


There are no different ranks or titles with this program.
Everyone is an "affiliate".

You are compensated for your own efforts
and for the efforts of all of the people that you refer,
down through seven complete levels.

You receive commissions on ALL of your personal sales:

Your Direct Sales:  Kilowatt hours x $0.002 
(100% of 2 mil)

You receive commissions on ALL of your sales group's activity.





Level One Sales:  Kilowatt hours x $0.0005  (25%)

Level Two Sales:  Kilowatt hours x $0.00024  (12%)

Level Three Sales:  Kilowatt hours x $0.00018  (9%)

Level Four Sales:  Kilowatt hours x $0.00012  (6%)

Level Five Sales:  Kilowatt hours x $0.00009  (4.5%)

Level Six Sales:  Kilowatt hours x $0.00006  (3%)

Level Seven Sales:  Kilowatt hours x $0.00003  (1.5%)

The total payout for each contract is based on 3.22 mil

That's it !

It should take you less than a minute

to explain the compensation plan to others.

Please do not over-complicate this plan.

Our compensation plan really is

this simple and straightforward.

On every account that is generated directly by you, and by members of your 7-level affiliate team, you will receive commissions that are calculated by multiplying the number of kilowatt hours used by your customers times a multiplier amount (see below).  The more electricity used by your customers, the higher your commission will be.

Please realize that some commercial, industrial and municipal customers may use millions of kilowatts per year!  (Yes, some affiliates have even signed up entire cities as customers!!!)

These commissions are residual and ongoing.  Once a customer has signed up via your site, you will receive your commissions each and every month that the customer pays their electricity bill for as long as they remain a customer.

As an example, if you directly sign up a customer that uses 1,000,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) per year, your yearly commission would be 1,000,000 x .002ยข = $2,000.  $2,000/12 months = $166.67/month.

All of the above examples are for demonstration purposes only. Your income is not guaranteed.  It is also not limited in any way.  Any and all income that you may receive will depend solely upon the amount of electricity that is used by customers that are obtained by you and your sales team. 


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